Choose Summer Footwear carefully


You can’t change your genes but you can change your shoes. So what’s the perfect pair if you want to keep your feet happy and healthy all summer long?

Healthy feet are vital for feeling good and being able to stay active, whether your day consists of your work routine or other activities. Neglecting your feet can lead to unnecessary pain and other foot problems later.

How many of you take time to choose the right footwear to walk, run, work in but come summer put on a flip flop that is flat, thin and consists of very little material?  We know you can’t wait to get those feet out of your good healthy shoes and feel the summer heat!

The right type of footwear, with the right foot and the right shape, is essential to keeping your feet healthy and happy.

Things to look for in healthy, stylish summer sandals and shoes are cushioning, arch support or removable insoles for those with orthotics, well-constructed and adjustable straps.

Summer styles even flip flops need to be good for your feet.

Soles in Motion specializes in choosing summer sandals and footwear that keep your feet healthy, happy and styling!  We have many styles to choose from. Your feet are worth it.  Make lying around in the sun this summer your choice not because your feet are hurting too bad to move around!

Submitted by Jen Estabrooks, Owner, Bracing Specialist