The Holiday Season!

Does it make you feel as good as we do! If not come see us! 

The team at Soles in Motion wants to thank everyone who has made our first year in our new location a success.  It brings us great joy to know we have helped enough people to grow and build a family of happy customers.  Our services and products are a great solution to all those who want to be healthier, more active and in less pain.  Whether you want to run your first marathon or do your daily chores the team at Soles in Motion will work together to come up with the best solution for you.

Whether your pain is from a medical condition like arthritis or an injury we have a wide selection of braces to fit you and your lifestyle.We offer a 30-day free trial program on our Osteoarthritis knee braces to make sure they are going to work for you before you commit to purchase.  We are dedicated to making sure our products work.  We also have a new world’s first unloader hip brace that is very successful.

This is the holiday season when shopping should be enjoyable, not stressful.  Most people want to shop and continue to be independent but sometimes the pain in your feet gives you a totally different outlook on the holidays.  Have a foot assessment, it will cost you nothing but your time, to see what type of treatment plan is recommended.  It is possible, you are wearing the wrong footwear, need a little help with an off the shelf orthotic, or you may require a custom orthotic.  Whatever it is the solution to being pain-free is priceless.

As part of a full-service team, we also offer a full range of athletic, casual and business footwear in multiple sizes and widths to improve your gait, cushion those sore feet, improve your runtime, stabilize your feet and help with alignment.  From head to toe we’ve got this!  Our staff are well trained and educated.

Usually, my talks are about certain conditions and how we can help, but I love the holiday season and my best gift to anyone is helping them in the healing process, reducing their pain and giving them the best quality of life possible.

Submitted by Jen Estabrooks, Co-owner, General Manager, Soles in Motion, 133 Baker Drive, Dartmouth 902-468-7911 (