Here is what to expect from your Certified Pedorthist assessment on your first appointment.Our Canadian Certified Pedorthist, will cover all areas of why you are  experiencing pain. By completing a thorough examination, it enables him to design a very individualized treatment plan for you.  The first part of your pedorthic assessment includes a history taking to determine how long you have been experiencing pain and why.  He will test your joint range of motion in your feet and ankles to make sure that each joint moves in its full range, the strength of certain muscles, the type of foot you have: normal, flat or high arched and Identify any boney prominences, edema, discolouration.  He will watch you walk to analyse your gait and alignment of your knee and lower back.  He will then customize a treatment plan which may include:

  • A pair of custom-made foot orthotics to either correct or accommodate your feet
  • Stretching and strengthening exercises will be given if needed
  • Footwear will be recommended that best suites your lifestyle
  • Additional medical products such as plantar fasciitis night splints, ankle supports, etc. may also be suggested

If custom-made orthotics are recommended, the Canadian Certified Pedorthist will capture a three-dimensional impression of both of your feet to fabricate your pair of custom-made foot orthotics. Using plaster casting or foam molds our Canadian Certified Pedorthist will capture the contours of each foot. Once both feet are casted, a second appointment is booked for you to pick up your custom-made foot orthotics and to review your treatment plan.