Gait Analysis

The Gait Analysis process is part of a full Pedorthic assessment.  It can be done prior to a full assessment to determine whether a full assessment is necessary or if the client’s insurance company determines it as part of their approval for footwear. It is a multi-step process to ensure that you purchase the shoe that conforms to your foot shape, matches the characteristics of your gait and provides appropriate cushioning.  There are many factors involved in the assessment. Our Canadian Certified Pedorthist starts by evaluating your current worn shoe. Examining the insole and outer sole of your current shoe tells him a lot about your gait. He can usually see impressions in the insole that inform us about your foot distribution within the shoe. Is there more wear on the interior side (medial) or outside (lateral) side? Is there significant wear in the arch area.   He then assesses your gait during the walking cycle and determines a diagnosis and suggested treatment plan.