Some Fun Shoe Facts!

Soles in Motion loves healthy feet and great shoes! Just for the fun of it I thought I’d share some fun facts:

ruby_slippersThe most expensive shoes: Ruby Slippers from House of Harry Winston: $3.000.000. This Ruby Slippers is the most expensive and as well as spectacular and splendid slippers in the world. This slippers is the achievement of Ronald Winston, the designer of the House of Harry Winston. The beauty of design coming from 4,600 rubies of 1,350 carats. This shoes has adorned the feet of Judy Garland.To read more

just-marriedSuperstition says that to dream of losing a shoe predicts an illness. This may originate from an old rural superstition from the UK that advises to burn a smelly old shoe in the home to avoid infection in the house. Dusty shoes indicate an unexpected journey and shinny shoes mean happiness in love.In the Western world, tossing old boots in the wake of departing ships was thought to insure a sailor’s safe return home. This tradition is carried out in modern times by tying shoes to the car bumpers after a wedding. This action is said to:1, assure a happy home life; 2, keep a husband from wandering; 3, and all the roads a family takes will always lead back to the home.Read more wedding traditions on

Shoe dreams deal with walking certain paths in our lives. If you are wearing tight Shoes, the road you are traveling is hard, and much sorrow is involved. Comfortable Shoes indicate you are in a good place in your life and success is around the corner. Guess where to go in comfortable shoes! Come on in and check out our summer collection!