Soles in Motion – Pain Solutions from the Ground Up!

Soles in Motion is HRM’s leading retail medical store specializing in practical solutions for your feet and joint pain. Our dedicated team includes two full-time Canadian Certified Pedorthists, Certified Orthopedic Bracing and Compression (stocking) Specialists and a highly qualified staff that understand the newest footwear technology. Soles in Motion offers free, no obligation assessments for orthotics, bracing, compression stockings and footwear.

Orthotics are custom shoe inserts that are crafted by our Pedorthists and can correct gait problems, address structural foot faults, provide foot support, relieve pressure on painful areas of the foot and provide motion control. Our Bracing Specialists work with each patient to find the right solution that will improve their mobility, reduce their pain and help them lead a healthy lifestyle. Whether it is a sports injury or medical condition we can help! Soles in Motion offers a wide range of custom and off-the-shelf orthopedic bracing products as well as supports and medial compression stocking therapy.

On the footwear side, the staff at Soles in Motion will take you through a fitting process that includes a gait assessment to insure that your feet are placed in the proper footwear. Are you suffering with pain in your knee from osteoarthritis (OA)? Soles in Motion is offering a FREE Trial Program on the Osteoarthritis Unloading Knee Brace. This gives you a no risk opportunity to try one of these specialty braces that have been very successful in the reduction of pain in the OA knee. Our new hours gives you the opportunity to drop by and see how we can assist in finding the best solution to improve and maintain your activity level no matter what your ability.