When you hear Compression Socks – What do you think of?

Compression socks provide effective relief for tired legs to severe venous diseases.  The type and degree of compression required depends on your condition. Sometimes there is confusion between support hose and compression therapy. The difference is that support hose have the same elasticity along the entire length of the stockings. Medical stockings have the greatest compression at the ankle and gradual decrease going up the calf.  By constricting the diameter of the veins, the stockings increase the blood flow. The compression also keeps fluids in circulation instead of collecting and causing swelling in the ankle/foot.

soles4Sports and performance compression socks help athletes maximize their performance and incorporate wicking materials to keep them cool. They provide valuable support for every discipline in both amateur and competitive sports. Be cautious, however, of sports compression that are not designed by a medical company. It is important that you be assessed by a professional who takes all aspects of your health, life style and body type into consideration.  Most insurance companies cover compression if prescribed by a medical professional.

Soles in Motion invites you to drop in and talk to our professionals about the many styles, materials, colours of compression – we are here to help and keep you moving no matter what your abilities!