Who should I see if I need inserts?


My doctor said that I might need inserts in my shoes. Who should I see?  The “inserts” that your physician is suggesting are also called Orthotics. Orthotics are custom shoe inserts that can:

  • Correct gait problems
  • Address structural foot fault
  • Provide foot support
  • Relieve pressure on painful areas of the foot
  • Provide motion control

Custom-made orthotics provide individual correction specific for your foot problem. There are different types of orthotics.

  1. Functional orthotics is used to correct problems with a person’s foot mechanics such as:
  • Over pronation (the foot rolls inward)
  • Supination (the arch is too high and the foot rolls outward)
  1. Accommodative orthotics are designed to fit and protect the foot generally from where it functions via cushioning and specific unloading and to relieve pain and pressure in the foot, to improve tolerance for the weight bearing tasks of daily life.

There are a range of health care professionals who can provide the service of assessing you and providing for your custom orthotic.  Private Insurance Companies are starting to demand provision by a small select group of which the Canadian Certified Pedorthist is included.  This professional group is specifically trained and educated in clinical lower limb, foot function, gait assessment, orthotic assessment, footwear prescription and modification and technical orthotic manufacturing/lab methodology.

Custom orthotics can be used to treat many different medical conditions such as:

  • Arch pain
  • Plantar fasciilitis
  • Ball of the foot pain
  • Shin splints
  • Bunions
  • Flatfeet

Generally speaking, your feet should NOT hurt. Pain indicates that something is wrong. Consider making a no obligation appointment with one of our Certified Canadian Pedorthist to have a gait and lower leg assessment. The goal of the Pedorthist is to understand your foot problem and come up with a solution that will minimize your pain, maximize your mobility, and provide long term gain.  Soles in Motion have two Canadian Certified Pedorthists on staff – make a no obligation appointment today by calling 902-468-7911.