You deserve it! The Customer Experience!

The-Customer-Experience-soles-in-motionWhen you walk into a store, somewhere in your mind you are looking for something. It may not be in the front of your mind but it is there or why would you be there. The deciding factor will be the experience. Unless, of course, it is the last item left in an advertised one day only sale – sorry can’t help you there.

The ultimate customer experience is when you feel welcome, not pressured, but not ignored.

At Soles in Motion customers come to us for attention, knowledge and specialized service. We are good listeners and want to take time to identify your needs by asking questions and getting to know you. Customers don’t just buy products or services, they buy good feelings and solutions.

Our Soles in Motion Staff love what they do and look for ways to make doing business with us easy. If you are looking for footwear, we measure your feet, both on our educating scan system and with the brannock device. We will also watch your gait (the way you walk) so we can bring out the best footwear suited to your feet. And we love good looking shoes so we strive to dress up your feet to be noticed, whether it is for running, walking, or shopping! You deserve the best service no matter where you go but at Soles in Motion we guarantee it!